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File Title:   BADGER finance v1.0 beta (PHP-Files)    download_trans.gif Download

This is a beta release. It is quite usable, but there are bugs in it. If you install the beta and let us know of your user experience, discovered bugs and feature request, you do us and the community a big favour.

Unlike the windows-installer, this package is designed for those of you already running a webserver with a database and knowing what you are doing.


  • php files
  • .sql dump


  • php 5
  • mysql 5 (other databases should work as well since we use the PEAR:DB-Adapter)

Click here for installation instructions.

Published under GNU General Public License


License:    GNU/GPL
Submitted On:    22 Jul 2007
Submitted By:    Administrator (admin)
File Date:    11 Jul 2006
File Author:    Original
File Version:    v1.0 beta
File Size:    1,7 MB
Downloads:    1301