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Preview: Thrilling Beta 3 Features
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 10 December 2006

Hello Community!

Christmas is slowly crawling towards us. And even though here in germany it feels just like spring, christmas spirit is slowly picking up. Looking forward to presents is a part of that christmas spirit and so i am very happy to present to you a preview of a couple of selected new features from the upcoming BADGER FINANCE release to add to the anticipation.

Transaction-Management re-written

We completely re-thought and then re-coded the logic behind our transaction management. Being atomic, the new transactions (amongst other things) have some nifty new ways of being edited:


All new transferal transactions

Team and community both submitted a bunch of ideas in the forums. One of those was the request for transferal transactions. And tada, here they are. Now you can add a counter-transaction to every transaction you do, affecting two accounts managed by BADGER:


Grid filters

In order to add to the usability and lucidity of our data-grids, filters were added. Now it is completely up to you, which records you want to show - or hide:


Improved statistics

Based on the experienced we had coding and using the old statistics module, a new one was created. Flash-output was replaced with .png output, you can filter statistics, click the graphics and even reach-through. Finally the proof that at least one of us paid attention to the data warehouse / business intelligence lectures at the academy. 



On top of that, the csv-import module has experienced some major work and is now smarted than half of the development team. Also, a lot of new parsers were added.

Well peoples,

i sure hope you can see that badger is alive as ever. More than 2000 downloads this far encourage us and tell us that there is a market our there for an open source financial management app like the BADGER.

We're definately looking forward to the next release. 

Are you? 


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Preview: New Features
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 25 September 2006

Image Hi community-peoples, 

the past weeks we have kept very busy, fixing a lot of bugs and implementing a lot of new functionality and features into the badger. The progress is sometimes hard to see from the outside, so here is a list of new stuff we added since the release of BADGER finance beta 2:

  • New transactions: transferal transactions. Now you can transfer money from one account to another, recurring or once. 
  • Recurring transactions can now be edited in a lotus notes (tm) like fashion: select a transaction, edit it and chose if the changes apply to this transaction only, this and following, this and previous or all transactions of this kind.
  • Performance improvement: Enikao and Sepp sat together to tune the data-grid performance by rewriting big parts of the backend sql to xml functions and classes. The result is a performance improvement by factor 5. (a query that used to take 13 seconds now only takes 2.5 seconds.
  • Grid-filters: With the help of grid filtes, you can not filter what you want to see (or what you don't want to see). An example would be: "show me all transactions but skip those older than yesterday.
  • The column "sum" has been re-written. While it showed a real sum of the rows before, it is now a "current balance" that shows the account balance at the corresponding date.
  • The statistics and forecast modules have been streamlined from a front-end usability point of view.
  • The badger now remembers, which csv parser was last used for each account individually.
  • The vsc parser engine has been rewritten. As a result you only need to drop a new parser in the right directory on the server to make it available. Also, new parsers for new banks were added.
  • A test script has been implemented to check the server requirements. 
  • Today's date is highlighted in the grid for ease of use.
  • The grid shows in bold where the accout balance falls below the account's lower limit

One thing I would like to point out: We have started receiving contributions from community members outside of the core team. That's awesome, very much appreciated and exactly where we want to see BADGER going. Thank you.

At the moment, everyone on the core team is stuck with their final diploma examination. Afterwards, a lot of us are moving around, starting new jobs and so on. So the next weeks might be somewhat bumby. Bear with us, we are still easy to be reached via forum or mail.

In conclusion: Look forward to the feature packed beta 3 release!

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Beta 2 finished!
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 26 August 2006
Download BADGER finance!The BADGER finance team is pleased to announce the release of Beta 2. Over 50 bugs have been fixed, and there are also some new features. A selection:

  • BADGER finance can now be installed with Internet Explorer or on Linux
  • Several bugs with form handling have been fixed
  • Improved welcome page
  • Several new parser for CSV import
  • New parser subsystem. Now you can install new parsers independently of BADGER finance releases
  • Automatic update of the database

A complete list can be found in the Release Notes.
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