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Future Development and BADGER 2 PDF Print E-mail

After half a year of silence at BADGER finance, we pick up the pace again: We agreed on next development steps.

For the time being, BADGER finance version 1.0 will be released. This version will fix all bugs hindering users to work with BADGER at all. There will be no new features. We won't have to wait long for this version.

Subsequently, we will begin development of BADGER 2. This will be redeveloped from scratch. There are several reasons for this decision:

  • The code quality of BADGER is questionable at least. Even now there are parts of BADGER we already cannot change anymore.
  • We want to leverage the power of standard libraries. They will provide us with lots of functionality out of the box.
  • The whole BADGER team has learned a lot since we started the project. We're aiming at implementing BADGER 2 in a professional development process.

We invite all users to actively take part in our Discussion of the next version!