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BADGER finance version 1.0 beta 3 released! PDF Print E-mail

Image Dear community,

BADGER finance version 1.0 beta 3 is finally done and can be downloaded from the download section. There have been loads of changes since the last release, amongst others:

New stuff:

  • New, improved statistics module with category, trend and timespan analysis complete with reach-through capabilities
  • Newly coded transaction backend logic
  • Rewritten csv import module with improved matching of imported transactions with planned transactions
  • Mighty filters for the transaction management grid
  • Transferral transactions for transfers between different accounts
  • New possibilities when editing a chain of recurring transactions

Solved problems:

  • Uncountable Internet Explorer bugs fixed
  • Added a requirements precheck during installation to make sure you have everything needed
  • Automatic database update upon script update.
  • Major performance tuning

There's a complete list in the wiki: Release notes

So ...  check out "screenshots and features" on the left or - even better - download and install beta 3 right away!


Changes to the project organisation

At the same time of the release, we are also changing the project organisation. Up to now, BADGER finance was a project mainly by a couple of students from the Mannheim university of cooperative education. Starting today, the BADGER finance development team is open for anyone from anywhere to join who is able and willing to contribute. There is a "Hiring " page within the wiki with a list of positions we have to fill. Head over there and don't be shy to let us know if you have something to contribute! 

Changes to the development process

Simultaneously, we are changing the development process. This will improve and maintain the software's quality as well as support the development by a team from all over the world. Check out the new process in the wiki. (Translation below the image)


BADGER finance is as active as ever!

And now: Have a lot of fun with the new version and we're looking forward to tons of feedback in the forum !! 


PS: Sign up with our new newsletter on the left to receive notification of new releases!