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BADGER finance - Your personal finance assistant
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BADGER finance is an online tool for managing your finances. Currently you have the following modules available:

  • The comprehensive transaction management grid lets you enter, edit, manage, filter and analyze your financial transactions - on as many accounts as you like.
  • An extendable csv import module lets you comfortably transfer transaction data from your bank's online tools to BADGER finance.
  • Two statistics modules enable you to carry out extensive analysis of your transactions - both past and present.
  • A forecasting module analyzes your financial transactions from the past and enables you to plan your financial future.
  • You can customize BADGER finance with the help of the user preferences module.
  • You can work with any currency you like .
  • Currently, BADGER finance is available in both German and English. We are however working on other translations.
  • Along with version 1.0 beta we are shipping a second theme. BADGER finance is completely themeable.

You can save backup copies of your data at any time.

BADGER can be installed locally on your computer as well as on an online webserver for online access from anywhere you have a webbrowser running. BADGER finance is intended to be used by anyone - beginner and power user.